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Answers to Questions That You May Have

What if my units are not standard size?

All of our doors are tailor-made. We can make any size door to fit your existing unit.

I want to change my doors, but what about the end panels and plinths (trims)?

As well as changing the doors, we supply all the accessories to match the doors of your choice, including end panels, plinths, cornices and pelmets.

If I place an order how long will it take until it is installed?

We can normal have everything manufactured and ready for installation within 6 – 8 weeks.

Why can't we have a quote over the telephone?

All of our products are fully manufactured to your specifications, so producing a standard price list is not easy. Our design service is completely free and without obligation, and you will be left with an accurate and honest quote for the work involved. We guarantee there will be no extra hidden charges.

Do you just do kitchen doors?

No, we do as little and as much as you need. Of course, if you just need kitchen door replacements then we can certainly help, although we can also do so much more, such as a full kitchen refit. Let us know how you want to improve your kitchen and we’ll do our best to make it a reality.

How much are your doors?

We are bespoke so it depends on the size of the door, why not have a free no-obligation quote?

Do I have to pay for everything up front?

After you agree to the quotation we provide, you will only have to pay an initial 50% deposit. you will pay the other 50% only when you are completely satisfied with our work.

My doors are an unusual size; would you still be able to supply for me?

Yes, our products are made to measure, meaning we can supply doors of any size. No matter what quirky size your door may be, we can supply it.

How quick is your service?

Since we do as little or as much as you want our service time varies from job to job. Although, a simple door replacement can take as little as 2 days!

How do you ensure that the new hinges on new doors will fit exactly where the old ones did?

We measure the hinge holes when we measure the doors and ensure they match the existing old hinge fittings.

Do you do appliances?

Yes, we can supply any appliance you could possibly need from most manufacturers, including: Microwaves, ovens etc. We may even have some fantastic appliance storage solutions to help you make the most of your kitchen space.

What sink and tap products do you use?

We use a range of supplies such as Reginox, Franke, Blanco and River Collection

What worktops do you do?

We have a large range of worksurfaces to choose from – starting with laminate to solid worktops which include quartz, granite and wood. We also provide a unique worktop that is a quartz overlay that fits on top of your existing worktop called MINIQ.

What is MINIQ

MiniQ is a thin 8mm quartz stone overlay that goes directly on to your existing worktop. This overlay gives you the look and qualities as a solid quartz worktop without the hassle and expense.

Why choose MINIQ

  • Save Money – costs 50% less than solid quartz
  • Hygienic – an almost perfectly smooth surface leaves nowhere for germs to hide
  • Easy to care for – a quick wipe with a neutral ph cleaner is all you need.
  • Durable – Scratch resistant and more than tough enough to withstand everyday knocks and scrapes.
  • Timeless – there is something about stone that means it never goes out of fashion.
  • Easily installed – MiniQ is engineered for quality, speedy kitchen refurbishments.

How Long does MINIQ take to installation?

Installation will take approximately a day. So, you will have your kitchen back in working in time for tea. The fitter will just need to template the worksurface a few days before then will fabricate the MiniQ worksurface in the workshop and then will take approximately a day to install in your home.

What happens to my hob and sink when fitting the MINIQ

The appliances will be lifted out and made safe whilst the worktop is being installed – once the installation is complete the appliances will be refitted.