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Welcome to Howdens Kitchens Shrewsbury & Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals Shrewsbury’s Kitchen Maestros

Howdens Kitchens Shrewsbury

In the heart of Shropshire, two kitchen giants stand tall – Howdens Kitchens Shrewsbury, a renowned brand that has adorned countless homes, and Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals, the family-run business that’s redefining kitchen makeovers. While Howdens brings the lavishness of brand prestige, Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals offers a fresh, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative. Let’s delve into the world of these kitchen maestros.

Howdens Kitchens Shrewsbury
The Brand Everyone Knows

Kitchen & Bedroom Revivals Prior to Transformation

Howdens Kitchens Shrewsbury has been synonymous with high-end kitchen designs. Their broad range, impeccable quality, and brand reliability have made them a household name. Every kitchen they touch speaks of class and finesse.

Comparing the Craftsmanship

Howdens Kitchens Shrewsbury offers grandeur, but Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals brings versatility to the forefront. With hundreds of design and colour combinations, their door ranges span from the rustic Firbeck Range to the modernistic Bella Range. Whether you fancy the classic charm of shaker styles or the sleekness of high gloss handle less doors, there’s something for everyone.

Kitchen & Bedroom Revivals Post-Transformation

Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals: The Sustainable Revolution vs Howdens Kitchens Shrewsbury

At the other end of the spectrum, Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals stands tall, pioneering a sustainable kitchen revolution in Shropshire. Spearheaded by the dynamic duo, Darren and Sharon Smith, this company brings more than just makeovers to the table:

  • Sustainability: By promoting replacements over complete overhauls, Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals champions eco-friendly solutions. You can revamp your kitchen’s aesthetics by simply replacing the doors and worktops, saving up to 50% of the cost!
  • Locally Rooted: As a family-run business, they’ve cultivated deep connections with the Shrewsbury community. This translates to designs that resonate with local aesthetics, ensuring your kitchen not only looks good but feels ‘right’.
  • Quality & Affordability: While Howdens Kitchens Shrewsbury is undoubtedly remarkable, the allure of having a high-quality kitchen solution that doesn’t break the bank is undeniable. Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals promises this and delivers  consistently.

More than Just Kitchens

Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals is not limited to mere makeovers. Their expansive offerings include:

Versatile Worktops

Explore from sleek laminates to sturdy solid quartz. We provide a vast range to ensure your kitchen is not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and practical.

Speedy & Dependable Transformations

Experience complete kitchen revivals in just 2-3 days! Our promise of swift installations is harmoniously blended with our commitment to supreme quality.

All-Encompassing Solutions

Whether you desire a new sink or a stylish splashback, we have it all. From contemporary appliances to elegant flooring and doors, we craft your dream kitchen with precision.

Tailored & Client-Focused Designs

We value your uniqueness and offer personalized solutions to create spaces that are true reflections of your preferences, be it modern minimalism or timeless elegance.

Howdens Kitchens Shrewsbury vs Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals


The Cost Factor

While the allure of a brand-new Howdens kitchen is tempting, Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals offers a compelling proposition. Achieve that brand-new look at nearly 50% less than a full kitchen refit. With their commitment to offering affordable prices without skimping on quality, the choice becomes increasingly clear for the budget-conscious and eco-aware homeowner.

Howdens Kitchens Shrewsbury vs Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals
The Choice is Yours

Howdens Kitchens Shrewsbury has its undeniable charm and brand prowess. However, as we progress towards sustainable living and mindful spending, Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals emerges as a formidable contender. They’re not just selling kitchens; they’re selling a sustainable vision, deeply rooted in Shrewsbury’s ethos, making them not just a choice but a community favourite.

So, if you’re on the fence, pondering where to invest for your dream kitchen, remember – with Kitchen and Bedroom Revivals, you’re not just getting a makeover; you’re becoming part of a sustainable, community-driven revolution. Experience it today and redefine what your dream kitchen looks like!

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